We support our Customers in arbitration proceedings, including disputes covering investment arbitrations. We represent our Customers in proceedings against national courts in cases on recognition or declaration of enforceability of domestic and international arbitrary judgments, and in revocation of arbitrary judgments.

We aid our Customers in all necessary areas and at any stage of the proceeding, including international arbitration as well.

Upon the request from our Customers, we draw up drafts and negotiate articles of association as well as joint-venture agreements. We prepare shareholder’s agreements, rules of procedure for Management Boards and other in-house documents.

We register branches and representative offices of foreign entrepreneurs as well as foundations and associations. We advise on issues related to the company mergers. We assist our Customers in sales and purchase of shares or whole enterprises. Upon the request from our Customers, we carry out legal and legal and tax due diligence. We develop and implement restructuring plans for enterprises, including modifications of the core business. We support businesses both in bankruptcy and liquidation procedures.

We aid authors and purchasers of copyrights. We draw up sales contracts for author’s economic rights, license agreements, etc. We conduct audits of contracts in terms of copyrights, implement guidelines on copyright management.

We assist in registration of trademarks. An essential field we are involved in is tax optimization in the area of copyright trade. We protect authors against unfair abusing of their output at the pre-litigation stage and over the course of litigations they have been pursued.

We carry out legal advisory services in the field of capital market, including disclosure and notification obligations to be observed by public companies and their shareholders, issuers, financial institutions and other players on the capital market. We represent shareholders in litigations related to ownership supervision and advise on investment deals at capital markets, in the area of tax issues and procedural requirements.

We bolster the process meant to share listing admission at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We represent interests of our Customers before the Financial Supervision Authority, National Depository for Securities and Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We advise our Customers on enforcement of information release obligations to be followed by journalists. We provide legal support in the field of combating black PR effects. We analyze opportunities of using materials we have acquired, in terms of moral and proprietary copyrights, in PR operations. We make corrections and requests for release of corrections in media.

We represent our Customers in proceedings on violation of personal rights as well as criminal cases on offences and defamation. We prepare applications for providing access to public information. We represent our Customers in actions taken pursuant to the election code.

We provide our Customers with assistance in pre-trial proceedings before police authorities and prosecutor’s office as well fiscal authorities and customs offices. We ensure representation of accused, defendants and victims in court and over enforcement proceedings.

We represent our Customers in disciplinary proceedings. In addition, our assistance covers participation in procedural actions. Owing to the expertise we hold, we are also capable of delivering support in acts of unfair competition, infringements of industrial property rights and criminal liability due to copyright violation.

We aid in a wide variety aspects of the criminal business law (white-collar crime), including cases related to finance and penal liability of members of the company’s authorities. We provide risk assessment of a particular commercial venture, in terms of a legal and criminal background.

We offer a comprehensive legal assistance at all stages of the criminal and criminal/fiscal proceedings being heard before the bodies of a pre-trial proceeding.

We support our Customers in cases related to family and custody relationships. The area of expertise comprises the following:

  • divorce,
  • separation,
  • limitation and termination of the parental authority,
  • establishment, limitation of paternity
  • prohibition of children visitation rights
  • cases settling issues essential to the child


Additionally, we carry out the abovementioned actions on a cross-border basis. Our law firm also specializes in the cases covering:

  • distribution of assets,
  • dissolution of co-ownership and settlement of expenditures – also in the event of dissolution of joint property of husband and wife
  • property settlements in the case of conjugal relationships


Over the course of the aforesaid cases, we support our Customers in going through court hearings, that are often emotionally destructive, protect them against various types of inconveniences, conducting them with full discretion.

In this field, our assistance is mainly focused on handling purchase and sales transactions referring to the property of significant value (shares in companies, real estates, etc.), issues related to sensitive family matters as well as fiscal cases.

Furthermore, we advise on securing the property held by our Customers and their families. At each and every moment of our work, we remember about the Customer’s security. In addition, we conduct our operations with the utmost discretion. Long-lasting relations with our Customers, based on trust and high quality services, are of top priority to us.

We provide our Customers with assistance on resolution of disputes arising between the entities conducting business operations, also including those that are based abroad. While engaging in this type of litigations, we always learn in details the industry characteristics and business environment. Commercial litigations we deal with, cover the following areas:

  • claim for payment
  • litigations related to failure to perform or improper performance of contracts
  • claim for indemnity
    security enforcement proceedings